These blog posts were my first shareable content at My first blog post was after an evening of experiencing Alfie Kohn speak about the state of education in 2013 (As a novice writer, I believe I used the term “assault” as a substitution for critical lens). Since then, the blog has been a space for me to share ideas, examples of my work as a music teacher, and a place to work through/out my scholarly writing and doctoral coursework.

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Apps I can use in my Elementary Music Classroom

At the 2018 CMEA Bay Section Winter Conference I presented a couple of sessions around music and technology, along with colleagues here in the Bay Area. A subject that I feel is somewhat less represented in our community are Apps that Elementary music teachers can use in their classrooms with their students. So… why not […]

A former student still teaching at my Conference Sessions

At one of my first Music Education Conference Sessions, I wanted to espouse the benefits of a really cool, new web 2.0 piece of software called Noteflight as a cost effective alternative to Finale and/or Sibelius. At that time, I had already implemented and was using with my students and thought: why not have my students […]

G Suite for Music Educators

I had the privilege of presenting and sharing ideas at the 2017 NAfME National In-Service Conference in partnership with Technology Institute for Music Education (TI:ME) this November.

Mentorship in the 21st Century

Tempo Vol 50, No. 1 Tempo Vol 50, No.1 by czullinger on Scribd

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In my role as Technology Coordinator at St. John the Baptist School, I maintain a staff/faculty blog page as a way to share and curate educational technology information and resources.