These blog posts were my first shareable content at My first blog post was after an evening of experiencing Alfie Kohn speak about the state of education in 2013 (As a novice writer, I believe I used the term “assault” as a substitution for critical lens). Since then, the blog has been a space for me to share ideas, examples of my work as a music teacher, and a place to work through/out my scholarly writing and doctoral coursework.

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Delaware Choral Academy Documentary

In the summer of 2016 I traveled to the south of France to coordinate several projects for the Delaware Choral Academy. While on the ground in Aix-en-Provence I managed several photographers, a principal videographer, brought a portable recording rig with me and produced a documentary film about the Summer Symposium in France. The Summer Symposium […]

Collegial Observation by Patrick Lannan

A colleague from outside my department, one who teaches Ethics in our Religious Studies department to sophomores, observed my Music Appreciation A class today. His write-up of that class is presented here: Collegial Observation by Patrick Lannan by czullinger

Thank you Letter

Dr. Michael Connolly, Director of Choirs at the University of Portland, brought his choir over for a choral exchange while on tour through the Bay Area in January 2016. He sent a very nice thank you letter to the President, Rev. Ed Harris, S.J. about their experience and thoughts about the choral program at St. […]

Collegial Observation by Meredith Galvin

A colleague from within the department, the current Fine Arts Department Chair, observed my Music Appreciation class today. Her write-up of that class is presented here: Class Observation by czullinger