Pump 13

Details and description of this almost 30yr project are coming soon!

For now, enjoy (yes, that is me on guitar)

UPDATE 7/18/21

This is the first post with the CFA ME638 tag. These recordings represent the last time I was in a rock band (and Pump 13 was more than a rock band) playing guitar. Until the summer of 2021…

Pop and Rock Pedagogy, ME 638 is a graduate elective course in my doctoral program at Boston University offered during the summer term in 2021. Nearly 25 years after these recordings, I will have the opportunity to join a popular/rock ensemble, write/arrange songs, and perform for an audience at the Midway Cafe in Boston on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

Am fairly certain, organizing and converting the mixed-down, 25 year-old tape to .wav files is a result of preparing for this experience that awaits me in the next couple of weeks. Am going to use the CFA ME638 tag to blog about the journey – follow along, it should be interesting!