Instructional Videos

I made these instructional videos for the courses I facilitate at California State University, East Bay. Activities in these classes focus on making music in virtual/hybrid environments using software platforms such as Soundtrap and Noteflight. The videos are based on actual  projects that I have assigned in both undergraduate and professional development courses through CSU Eastbay.

These videos are screen capture recordings I made while I demonstrate learning activities that can be found here at the learning module to make a Loop and/or MIDI song (there is some other fun stuff at that site as well). I’ve also posted some student work at that page so you can listen to examples of the projects.

I developed this playlist from the professional development version of the course I teach with undergraduate music education majors at CSU Eastbay. I first taught the workshop over Zoom as teachers (somehow) finished that first semester of the pandemic in June 2020. The workshop met over the course of a week for 5 class meetings, 3hrs a day. We had a lot of material to cover! In order for learners to review material we covered in class, I recorded the Zoom sessions and posted them here on a course playlist.

There are several videos about how to make a digital portfolio using Google Sites, as well as another favorite tool mine Wakelet. A bonus track in this playlist is when I invited Noteflight managing director John Mlynczak to give a presentation on this web-based, notation software.

Video Tutorials

I make instructional videos with the intention of sharing great technology tools with teachers and students at any time. If I have referenced these tools in a conference session or class, I can share these playlists so that learners have the opportunity to engage with the material at their own pace. The format for the videos is to simply record my screen setting up the account and offering both teacher and student views of the application.

There are great tools to record your screen ranging from Quicktime (for mac) and Screencastify (Chrome extension). As of late, I enjoy using Loom.

Have you ever wondered, “how can I make a YouTube video interactive, or can I use a YouTube video to check for understanding?” Here is that tool!

Videos are a great way to share content with learners. You can turn any online video into an interactive formative experience with Edpuzzle. For example, find or import any video into edPuzzle and enhance your students learning with an audio note that pauses the video and adds a quick audio instruction with your voice. How about creating a multiple choice or open ended question that opens at a specific point in the video?

In the teacher dashboard the teacher can see how many students have watched the video, as well as questions that need to be graded. Also, maybe you just want to use the statistics in the dashboard to see how students are watching and what they’ve done. The grading feature groups common questions together making it easier and faster to grade. All of the data can be synced with Google Classroom or other common LMS.

Flipgrid is a social learning platform that allows facilitators to pose a question so learners can record and submit short videos as their response. The community is then able to respond to one another by creating video discussions. The ensuing Q&A becomes a video grid of response tiles arranged in grid. The possibilities are endless for participants to verbalize their learning!