Somewhere along this journey of music education I developed a knack for designing and building websites. This “hobby” eventually led to this site I built from scratch and currently maintain for the California Music Educators Association. For the website you’re at right now, I use the same WordPress theme as I did for CMEA: Enfold by Why? It looks great and is relatively easy to use for this novice website maker (Although, I’m not as familiar with programming languages PHP, JavaScript, C++, over the years I became proficient with the features of the Avia layout builder bundled in the Enfold theme).

Delaware Choral Academy

Here is one of my first websites I made courtesy of Wayback Machine (if you’ve never heard of the Wayback Machine, it’s super fun site that archives older versions of websites).

Da Capo Podcast

I made this website for my first foray into podcasting with my friend Stephen Keys. We needed a space to organize show notes and describe the podcast in a little more detail. I also wanted viewers to know the tools and resources we used to produce the podcast. It’s a Wix site and is intuitive and fun to make!