Studio 2001

Welcome back to the Recording Studio series.

Below is an article from Genesis, a magazine published quarterly by St. Ignatius College Preparatory, where I had the opportunity to ‘project manage’, from start to finish (actually any good project is in some sort of a work-in-progress), the building of a full service Recording Studio. These kinds of opportunities don’t simply fall out of the sky; in fact, this article will have been written nearly three years after our initial acquisition of a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and 2 AKG 451s.

Over the course of three years, together with a team of colleagues and professional engineers, we’ve created a space for those students interested in audio engineering to pursue their curiosity, utilizing some of the industry’s most professional audio components and microphones.

I have also documented the work we’ve accomplished on the studio in these photo albums:

Studio 2001 Genesis Article by czullinger

The Search for Meaning in the Choral Festival

How do we create an environment of intrinsic motivation in an activity that promises an extrinsic reward? In my second article for Tempo, I share some of my thoughts and conversations with both students and colleagues over the years.

In the post The Music Festival on this blog are actual Score Sheets, Recordings and Student Observations from the choral festival I referenced in the article below.

Tempo – Vlm 44, No. 3

Beginning of the Year Strategies for Music Educators

One of my first articles appeared in the 2011, fall Tempo – an annual journal for the California Music Educator’s Association (CMEA) Bay Section.

Tempo – Vol 44, No. 1

Listen: SI Chamber Singers on iTunes

I’m actually quite pleased with this project which is a culmination of some very special years with my students from the St. Ignatius College Preparatory Chamber Singers. The CD is a culmination of choirs that features songs recorded in venues from around the world! A majority of the tracks were recorded on the 2nd “In the Footsteps of St. Ignatius” European choir tour at the Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Maria in Tolosa, Spain.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory Chamber Singers

Preview songs from Listen by the St. Ignatius College Preparatory Chamber Singers on the iTunes Store

Professional Development for the entire Year

This article was the foundation for my “Creating Classrooms We Need: Educational Technology for Music Teachers” at several California All-State Music Educator Conferences in the past several years.

Tempo – Vlm 45, No. 1