ambient experiment/s

My first foray into ambient music – I heard the thunderstorm sample on a Disquiet junto project, found the .wav file on and added some sounds and additional samples from freesound in Soundtrap to arrange this piece. I don’t think you’ll find a better field recording of a thunderstorm with accompanying rain fall than this track (credit: Jillis Molenaar).

When I listen back, it sounds like scene when they introduce the 2nd machine portal in Japan that was built for Jodie Foster’s character Dr. Arroway in the 1997 sci-fi film Contact. It’s the sound of those three, rapidly spinning gimbaled rings make as Dr. Arroway walks to the device that will transport her through a series of wormholes to Vega.

I had no intention of this result, it’s what I’m reminded of when I listen to the track.